The Tennessee State Fair is happening this week. A great event where you can experience agriculture, barnyard animals, games, midway rides and, of course, food all in one convenient location.

Speaking of fair food, did you now that Cotton Candy was invented in Nashville? In 1897, two candy makers (William Morrison & John C. Wharton) invented a device that heated sugar in a spinning bowl that had tiny holes in it. As the bowl spun, the caramelized sugar was forced through the tiny holes, making feathery candy that melts in your mouth. The treat was originally called “Fairy Floss”. The candy was first introduced to the world at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, where huge amounts were sold in wooden boxes for 25 cents…an exorbitant amount at the time. However, the new treat proved to be popular. The term “cotton candy” began to be used in the USA around 1920. In the UK, the treat is called “candy floss”. (Source: