2018 Paula Erickson

Senior Adviser
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Paula Erickson is a nationally recognized strategic planning, branding, marketing, communications, and public relations expert with 25+ years of proven success helping clients with growth strategy and performance improvement. Her work focuses on defining long- and short-term objectives and developing successful brand identities and marketing strategies.

Best-known for her innovative marketing campaigns, Paula has worked with Diet Coke, Cover Girl, SONY Electronics, The NFL, Elizabeth Arden, Keds, Papa John’s, American Greetings, Disney, Jet Blue, Jack Daniel’s, Venus Razors, LEI Jeans, Universal Music Group, 20th Century Fox Films, and Guitar Hero, among others.

Paula oversaw all media strategies and practices for Taylor Swift’s climb to worldwide success (2007-2014) and was a member of the team awarded the Maxwell Weinberg Publicist Showmanship award (for outstanding achievements in publicity and promotion) for the release campaign for the Academy Award-winning movie “Walk The Line.”

Paula led all the overall strategic media and public relations efforts for the music industry’s biggest album debut in more than a decade and conceptualizes and secures high-visibility groundbreaking cross-platform placements, including the first-ever four-week music preview series on Good Morning America (2010) and the first-ever full-hour album release party on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2008).

In addition, Paula was a principal and Advisory Board member for the tech startup Huckle – The Group Chat App for Twitter. At Huckle, she created and instituted a marketing program and digital and social media strategies that resulted in over 25% week-over-week growth and high-profile partnerships with celebrities and brands including Jewel, The Property Brothers, and Entertainment Weekly.

Paula holds a BA in Communications from Vanderbilt University.