2018 Rich Warden

Senior Adviser
o: 615.292.9495
c: 615.476.7132


Rich is a Civil Engineering Graduate of Vanderbilt University and career long Registered Professional Engineer. His entire career was spent in management of Highway and Heavy Construction and Construction Materials sales and production. This includes his active duty military service in Alaska in an Engineer Construction Company for two years.

He retired as Chief Operating Officer of Rogers Group Inc. a large materials and highway construction company operating in six states.

Since retirement he has done consulting work for companies in general management and in the technical aspects of construction materials production. This includes visiting facilities in China and working with other companies outside the United States. He was a voting member of committees C1, Cement and C9, Concrete and Aggregates of ASTM International for many years.

General management work has included executive coaching, sales and production reviews and improvements, setting up and serving on advisory boards for companies and succession planning in closely held private companies.